From the “Toe Pick!!!” Dept:

From the “Toe Pick!!!” Dept:

How to royally screw up your mind in three easy steps:

  1. The COVID Hurricanes called up 27 year-old AHL player Andrew Poturalski to fill one of six holes in the forward corps.
  2. Tripp Tracy starts talking about Alexei Ponikarovsky who played for Carolina and Los Angeles, the two teams featured in tonight’s tilt at PNC Arena.
  3. So thinking that I’d be a bit funny and mess with Nick’s mind a little bit, I mentioned that along with those two notables, who could forget about Lorie Peckarovski to which I get a blank stare and I have to point out to him that she’s a fictional character from “The Cutting Edge”.

The one problem?

Ever since then, I’ve not been able to hear Poturalski’s name without immediately hearing Peckarovski!

And that’s a mental own goal, friends! Toe pick!!! 😉

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