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From the “You Know Programmers…They’re Always Changing Things!” Dept:

If you're thinking the site looks a wee bit different today...your eyes are *NOT* deceiving you. This site was my first shot at Wordpress and it was sort of a Frankenstein's creation between the Genesis-based theme Revolution Pro and the NextGen image gallery. And it worked pretty well together. The website I re-designed for the photos for the kids and the family also used NextGen (to be fair, it's so image-heavy that it's really stressed…

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Two New Categories Added

Two new categories make their debut in the BLOG: Harrowing Tales of Customer ServiceWhat's For Dinner? The Harrowing Tales details the good, bad, and the outright ugly of "customer service" interactions which I am absolutely convinced will kill me far more quickly than cancer or someone brandishing a gun! The "Chick Fil-Audit" series of BLOG posts live in the Harrowing Tales category which give a play-by-play breakdown of life spent in the massive Chick Fil-A…

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Walkabout 2021 Now Available

All of the trip reports and photos are now available in the Walkabout section. This six-day journey made a grand loop via Chattanooga TN and St Louis MO and back again through Columbus OH all the way to Washington DC. It was about 2,400 miles in total (when you add the driving round various places in addition to the straight-line distance) and roughly 33 hours in the chair. Enjoy! :)

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Initial Version

Whilst taking a bit of a break from the 'ohana conversion project, I decided to redo so that I'd have somewhere to stick the content from the conversion that truly doesn't belong there like the trip reports where I was the only one traveling or the occasional rant. I've played with a few Genesis-based themes but I think I'm going to stick with Revolution Pro. It's nice, it's minimalist, and for the time being…

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