From the “Timing Is Everything” Dept:

From the “Timing Is Everything” Dept:

The first set of photos were shot after collecting Katie and Alex in Clayton for the morning commute to school. I was loving how the fog was playing in the fields.

Unfortunately, this is an example of just how quickly the light can change when you’re shooting shots like this. Right before getting to Julia’s house, I had spotted some hay bales in a field when it was much darker and you could just barely see the bales. It was so deliciously spooky but traffic and having no place to pull off the road to capture them meant those shots were missed forever. The shots of the fields were 5-10 minutes later when the sun was almost over the horizon and it was much lighter.

The sequence on the motorway heading to the flyover bridge onto I-87 shows you how quickly the light can change in a matter of seconds and about two minutes later as I’m crossing over I-87 on Rogers Lane heading back to the house.

Patience and Fortitude are continuing their path toward total obnoxious colour saturation but what a difference having the sun on the east side of the house makes about 14 hours after the previous set of pictures. Even in the early dawn, the colours on the trees are much more vibrant…especially Fortitude’s red coloured leaves.

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