From the “You Can Count On It, Mr President!” Dept:

From the “You Can Count On It, Mr President!” Dept:

The third response to the carpet bombing of official Washington about the Supreme Court’s leaked first draft in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Org. case came from a rather surprising place a couple of weeks after the meh response from our senior Senator.

When I saw the image of this envelope in the daily briefing from the US Postal Service which shows the letters destined for my postbox, I was genuinely shocked.

When I added President Biden to the list of recipients, I never dreamed that not only would I get a response but that it was clearly *PERSONALLY SIGNED* by the President himself. If you hold it up to the light, you can see the dots where his pen pressed down as he was making a turn in his signature.

Whether you agree with the political views of the current incumbent at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW or not, some of us are still old school enough in terms of respecting the office of President to get that thrill that for a brief moment in time in probably the most busy and scheduled workday on the planet, my opinion of the Dobbs decision was noticed by the President of the United States and was deemed worthy of a response and his signature.

When the next set of letters goes out to carry the fight here in North Carolina, you can bet that I’ll be sending Mr Biden one with copies of the response I got from Senator Tillis and my reply to the Senator containing what I feel to be are guiding principles of proposed legislation which may well help in crafting a law to overturn the Dobbs decision to strike a balance in such a way that it might well attract votes from those who have traditionally opposed abortion but are willing to find a reasonable compromise.

And when it comes to the President’s call to action at the end to keep up the fight at the state level to which it has been remanded for now, the President can count on me to do my part. My daughter, the women that I love and cherish, and women generally deserve nothing less than my best effort to restore their rights to choose what happens to their bodies wherever that fight may lead.

President Biden’s letter follows:

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